Who Is Most Likely to Become the World’s First Trillionaire?

Bill Gates

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Bill Gates and Carlos Slim are the two richest men on the planet. Gates has amassed a vast amount of wealth through Microsoft and Slim is the world’s richest man through telecommunications industry in Mexico. Although both men have the most wealth on the planet, they are still nowhere near reaching the trillion dollar mark. These men will not live long enough to see their fortunes build up to a trillion dollars. There are not enough investments that Gates can make to reach a trillion dollars in his lifetime. Also, Gates gives much of his wealth to charity so it is safe to say that he is not on a mission to reach trillionaire status in the near future.


There is no known wealthy person out there looking to reach the trillionaire bench anytime soon, and many see it as impossible. However, it is not as impossible as it may seem, although it may not happen anytime in the near future. Most likely, the world’s first trillionaire will arrive when inflation is a bit higher and when new technologies are introduced. There eventually will be a trillionaire, but probably not within anyone’s lifetime.


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English: Mark Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO of Facebook, at the press conference about the e-G8 forum during the 37th G8 summit in Deauville, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many have looked to young billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg as possibly surpassing the billionaire limit. However, Zuckerberg is worth $7 billion, and it is not known whether or not Facebook will last throughout the decades. Zuckerberg could decide to cash out and sell Facebook or the social network could fizzle out entirely. Regardless if Zuckerberg will become a millionaire or not $7 billion dollars is a vast amount of money.


However, there are obstacles, even for billionaires in the near future. Taxes are going up in nations around the world. France’s new President Francois Hollande seeks to raise taxes on the wealthy by over 75%. There is talk in the United States of raising taxes on people that make over $250,000. There are economic crises around the world, and many times taxes will be raised, especially on those who make the most money. There are also proposals to close tax loopholes that allow the wealthy to keep most of their personal wealth.


This will hold back anyone reaching the goalpost of achieving the trillionaire status. Governments around the world are in need of money and the people with the most money are being targeted. However, as dire as economies around the world are becoming, it does give rise for potential investors to fill a certain market void and become exceedingly wealthy. Perhaps the next person that will surpass billions will be someone into relative obscurity. The first trillionaire could be the person next door with the next best idea or invention.


Many are also wondering from which country will come the first billionaire. Major countries include Russia, Nigeria, United States or the Middle East. Russia has many billionaires that specialize in oil and other forms of infrastructure industry. The United States could spawn the first trillionaire, but it is least likely given how far behind the United States has become in the realm of manufacturing, technology and infrastructure. Nigeria is a rising nation that is a beacon of entrepreneurship and innovation. The achievement of being a billionaire is a feat within itself, but a trillionaire can literally buy places like Mexico or South Korea. A trillionaire would mean that a person should buy smaller nations or islands. So who would want such wealth?


The bigger question is does a person need such a vast amount of wealth? Humans by nature are never satisfied. Once a person reaches a trillionaire status then one will only wonder when someone will become the next multi-trillionaire and so forth. More importantly, what can one do with such a vast amount of wealth, and could it be dangerous? A person with that much wealth could very well raise an army or buy the resources of entire nations.


Will the next trillionaire become a rogue dictator amassing so much of a country’s resources? Many people want to know who will become the world’s first trillionaire, but many have not contemplated of the potential dangers. Could someone that has such wealth wage political or social instability around the world? It is certainly possible because that warfare and devastation could result from a person amassing such wealth.


However, it is possible that great good can come from a person amassing such wealth. A trillion dollars could have the potential of benefitting nations across the planet. Third world nations could have a chance to build and reinvent themselves if financial resources are allocated accordingly. There is a chance that wealth can go in a good or bad direction. A person with such wealth will not just simply sit on so much money; most likely, they will find a way to use that money whether that is to benefit or detriment to mankind.


It is easy to speculate, but the larger question is why so many are obsessed with the idea of becoming a trillionaire? 99% of people on this planet will not become a trillionaire and the people that have a chance to reach the trillionaire mark are not concerned with amassing such wealth. So why all the speculation?


It mostly has to do with humans’ desire for more. One millionaire is not enough until one reaches a billion and soon a billion is not enough. Perhaps within the next century, even a billion dollars will not become enough given the cost of inflation and a rising standard of living. One million dollars does not have the same value it once did due to rising costs in food, housing and travel. Taxes are going up and inflation forces people to spend more. The prospect of adding and building wealth is decreasing around the world, among all classes.


This is why becoming a trillionaire will not happen in anyone’s lifetime, but it is interesting to speculate and wonder. It is important to get a sense of the rising tide of industry and which person from that industry will be able to attain such wealth. To an investor, knowing who the world’s first trillionaire is will lend ideas into which field is worth investing in.

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